ASH-31 6.0 m

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  • Worldwide door to door shipping
  • Full carbon wings
  • Carbon main wing joiner
  • Carbon joiner for outer wing parts
  • Ailerons and Flaps hinged at the bottom
  • LDS-Rudderhorns in the wing already installed (other Materials included)
  • Aramid-reinforced fuselage
  • Damped retractable FES landing gear included, installed and equipped with servo
  • Easy ground launch
  • Cockpit glued and painted including cockpit lock
  • Instrument panel included
  • seat shell included
  • Ready wiring harness for fuselage and wings
  • Wiring Harness in the wings installed
  • FBK/RTF: Inclusive PowerBoxSystems PowerBox Competition SR2
  • Premium glider pilot available as an accessory


The ASH-31 is the logical, self-launching further development of the ASH-26 from Schleicher, which has already proven itself in numerous competitions in the open class worldwide. A glider that radiates incomparable elegance, our ASH-31 is in no way inferior to the original.

Our ASH-31 is based on the man-carrying 21 m variant of the open class and can be classified with a wingspan of 6 m on a scale of 1:3.5. Like the original, our ASH-31 is ground launch capable and designed for optimal range performance. The model is therefore aimed at ambitious pilots who are looking for a model with a slightly higher basic speed.

This makes our ASH-31 ideal for the new GPS Scale 3.5 competition class!

Of course, the thermal list was also considered. With its slightly curved profile, the ASH-31 can be circled very precisely and closely without becoming critical.

If you do the work of mixing the flaps with the ailerons, the reward is a roll rate that you definitely don't expect from a 6m scale model. Without any admixture, this is very comfortable.

Thanks to a balanced butterfly/spoiler mix, the model can be braked excellently and thus landed with pinpoint accuracy.

The pack size is only 2.0 m.


  • Glider
  • Electro (FES) with scale spinner and white propeller
  • Impeller (EDF)
  • Turbine on request


  • Standard Kit:
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
    • Installed wiring harness
    • Installed Landing Gear
    • Installed LDS-Rudderhorns
  • Full Build Kit (Glider):
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
    • KST Servo Set
    • Battery
    • PowerBoxSystems PowerBox Competition SR2
  • Full Build Kit (Electro):
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
    • KST Servo Set
    • Hacker Battery
    • Hacker Motor
    • Hacker Controller
    • PowerBoxSystems PowerBox Competition SR2
  • Full Build Kit (Impeller):
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
    • KST Servo Set
    • Hacker Battery
    • Hacker Controller
    • Jetec mechanical retraction
    • Jetec EDF
    • PowerBoxSystems PowerBox Competition SR2
  • Ready To Fly:
    • Complete assembly of the aircraft by us within a few days!
  • Read To Fly Premium:
    • Complete assembly of the aircraft by us within a few days!
    • High quality bags for all parts from Revoc
    • Aluminium Case


  • Easy to build..........⭐⭐⭐
  • Easy to set up........⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Easy to fly...............⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Speed..................... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Thermal................. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Agility..................... ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Strength.................⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Technical data:

  • Wingspan: 6.020 mm (236″)
  • Wing area: 113 dm²
  • Center of gravity: 84 mm safe, 90 mm for maximum performance (only for pros)
  • Flight weight: 11.050 gr (24,4 lbs.)
  • Scale: 1:3,5
  • Airfoil: HQW-2,5 mod. 12-8,8%


  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Ailerons
  • Flaps
  • Spoilers
  • Landing gear
  • Tow release

Wings and tailplane:

  • High strength gel-coat carbon wings in sandwich build
  • Clean, high quality processing
  • White painted in the mould


  • High strength gelcoat glass/carbon/aramid fuselage
  • Clean, high quality processing
  • White painted in the mould
  • Clean Canopy, glued and painted

Accessories included:

  • Glass canopy
  • Glass servo covers Servo support plate (fuselage)
  • Pre-assembled and encapsulated wiring harness ⭐

Further recommended accessories:

  • Fitting servo set (available here in the shop) ⭐
  • Magnetic switch (available here in the shop) ⭐

Servo recommendation:

  • Elevator: KST-X10 mini
  • Rudder: KST-X10
  • Aileron: 2x KST-X10
  • Flaps: 4x KST-X10
  • Airbrakes: 2x KST-X10 mini
  • Landing gear: Hitec-5585
  • Gear Brake: KST-X12
  • Note our low-priced servo sets in the accessories area! ⭐

Rudder Setup:

  • Elevator: 9 mm up/ 7 mm down
  • Rudder: 30 mm left/right
  • Aileron: 12 mm up/down (Differential 30%)

  • Aileron Mix:
  • Outer flaps: 6mm up/down
  • Inner flaps: 3mm up/down

  • Camber Presets:
  • Thermal:
    • Inner flaps 2 mm down
    • Outer flaps 1 mm down
    • Aileron straight

  • Speed:
    • Inner flaps 2 mm up
    • Outer flaps 1 mm up
    • Aileron straight

  • Butterfly/Landing:
    • Inner flaps: full travel down
    • Outer flaps: half travel of inner flaps down
    • Aileron straight
    • Spoiler: full up
    • Elevator down mix: 23%

(All mm data measured at the position of the largest deflection of the rudder)

Information about motorization:

  • Motor: Hacker A50-12L-Turnado 450kv
  • Controller: Hacker Mezon 165 opto lite
  • Battery: 2x Hacker TopFuel LiPo 35C Power-X 3800 mAh 4S MTAG
  • Propeller: GM Scale CFK white Folding Propeller 14x8
  • Spinner: GM Scale CFK white 40 mm


  • EDF: JETEC E-100
  • Motor: Het 950 kv
  • Controller: Master Spin 165 Pro OPTO
  • Battery: 2x TopFuel LiPo 35C Power-X 5000 mAh 6S MTAG (12S)
  • Note: Scale Cockpit build is affected

Building description:


  • PowerBoxSystems PowerBox Competition SR2

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