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  • Worldwide door to door delivery
  • Full carbon wings

  • Full carbon wing
  • Full carbon tailplane with sealing lips
  • Large aramid reinforced fuselage
  • Extremely light weight with maximum strength
  • Bottom hinged ailerons and flaps with sealing lips
  • Ground-launchable FES landing gear pre-installed
  • Built-in tail wheel
  • Beautifully curved wing contours
  • Seat pan included
  • Seat pan upholstery included
  • Cockpit ready glued and painted
  • Cockpit latch concealed
  • Instrument panel installed
  • Finished wiring harness for fuselage and wings


The original:

The Schleicher AS 33 is a single-seat glider made by the German glider manufacturer Alexander Schleicher. It can be used in the FAI 18m class and FAI 15m class due to different outer wings.

In July 2018, Alexander Schleicher GmbH unveiled the AS 33 project as the successor to the ASG 29 for the FAI 18m class. In March 2019, the mould set was ready and a first wing with winglets was built for the prototype. This was followed by the successful wing load test in May 2019 and the maiden flight with Ulrich Kremer at the factory airfield near Poppenhausen on 23 January 2020. m July 2020, flight testing and the type certification process were well advanced.

Series production had started and a first outer wing for 15 m span had been built. The 18-metre wingspan of the four-part wing can be reduced to 15 metres for flights in the FAI 15-m class by adding a second pair of outer wings. The separation point is at 5.1 m half span. The Schleicher AS 33 has flaps, upward extending three-storey airbrakes and independently switchable electric valves of the water ballast tanks in the inner and outer wing.

The control system with aileron and flap overlap was taken from the ASG 29. Winglets are fitted to the wingtips in both versions. The ailerons and airbrakes are automatically connected when the wing is assembled. The two-point landing gear with a disc brake on the main wheel is retractable.

The model:

With the AS-33 we offer a semi-scale glider in 1:4.4 scale. The AS-33 with 4.1m wingspan and a take-off weight of around 4.6 kg impresses with its high degree of prefabrication including cockpit extension, seat pan and ready-installed FES landing gear.

Since we have attached great importance to a model-like flight pattern, this model is equipped with a thermally strong airfoil, which ensures ideal stability and excellent climb performance when circling.

The model is an absolute feast for the eyes and the construction is very stable so that harder landings can be forgiven.

The large spoilers and flaps allow the model to slow down nicely on approach and land easily and safely.

The AS-33 is an up-to-date scale replica and a good-natured beauty suitable for everyday use which is hard to match.

The packing size is only 1.97 m.


  • Glider
  • Electro (FES) with scale spinner and white propeller
  • Impeller (EDF)


  • Standard Kit:
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
  • Full Build Kit (Glider):
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
    • KST Servo Set
    • Battery
    • Zepsus Magnetic Switch
  • Full Build Kit (Electro):
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
    • KST Servo Set
    • Hacker Battery
    • Hacker Motor
    • Hacker Controller
  • Full Build Kit (Impeller):
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
    • KST Servo Set
    • Hacker Battery
    • Hacker Controller
    • Jetec mechanical retraction
    • Jetec EDF
  • Ready To Fly:
    • Complete assembly of the aircraft by us within a few days!
  • Read To Fly Premium:
    • Complete assembly of the aircraft by us within a few days!
    • High quality bags for all parts from Revoc
  • Budget Kit (Important):
    • Scale chassis instead of FES chassis
    • Landing gear not installed
    • No rear wheel
    • Cockpit not glued and painted
    • No (built in) cockpit latch
    • No built in instrument panel
    • No seat shell upholstery
    • No wiring harness
    • No Decals


  • Easy to build..........⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Easy to set up........⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Easy to fly...............⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Speed..................... ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Thermal................. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Agility..................... ⭐⭐⭐
  • Strength.................⭐⭐⭐

Technical data:

  • Wingspan: 4.080 mm / 161″
  • Wing area: 58,5 dm²
  • Center of gravity: 71 mm
  • Flight weight: 5.000 gr / 11 lbs
  • Scale: 1:4,4
  • Airfoil: CRG-1010


  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Ailerons
  • Flaps
  • Spoilers
  • Landing gear

Wings and tailplane:

  • High strength gel-coat carbon wings in sandwich build
  • Clean, high quality processing
  • White painted in the mould


  • High strength gelcoat glass/carbon/aramid fuselage
  • Clean, high quality processing
  • Painted in the mould
  • Clean Canopy, glued and painted

Accessories included:

  • Glass canopy
  • Glass servo covers Servo support plate (fuselage)
  • High quality clevis made of spring steel ⭐
  • Pre-assembled and encapsulated wiring harness ⭐

Further recommended accessories:

  • Fitting servo set (available here in the shop) ⭐
  • Magnetic switch (available here in the shop) ⭐

Servo recommendation:

  • Elevator: KST X10mini
  • Rudder: KST BLS159
  • Aileron: 2x KST X10
  • Flaps: 2x KST X10
  • Airbrakes: 2x KST X10mini
  • Landing gear: KST BLS159
  • Note our low-priced servo sets in the accessories area! ⭐

Rudder Setup:

  • Elevator: 11 mm up / down
  • Rudder: 30 mm left / right
  • Aileron: 13 mm up, 6 mm down
  • Flaps: mm down, mm up


  • Inner Flaps: full down
  • Outer flaps: half way down
  • Airbrakes: full brake

(All mm data measured at the position of the largest deflection of the rudder)

Information about motorization:

  • Motor: Hacker A40-8L V4 14-Pole kv630
  • Controller: Hacker Speed Controller X-70-SB-Pro
  • Battery: Top Fuel ECO-X 3000-5S MTAG
  • Propeller: GM Scale CFK white Folding Propeller 12x8
  • Spinner: GM Scale CFK white 40 mm


  • MigFlight JETEC E-80 Impeller 6-8S
  • Motor: Leopard 1900kv
  • Controller: Hacker MasterSPIN 160 Pro BEC
  • Battery: Hacker TF Power-X 5000-6S MTAG

Ballasting recommendation:

  • Wind > 10 km/h: 460 [gr.]
  • Wind > 13 km/h: 610 [gr.]
  • Wind > 16 km/h: 770 [gr.]
  • Wind > 20 km/h: 920 [gr.]
  • Wind > 23 km/h: 1070 [gr.]
  • Wind > 25 km/h: 1230 [gr.]
  • Wind > 28 km/h: 1380 [gr.]
  • Wind > 31 km/h: 1540 [gr.]

Building description:

You can find our current build times for RTF models: <Click Here>

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