Arcus 2.5m

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Arcus 2.5m

  • Worldwide door to door delivery
  • Full carbon wings
  • Cockpit glued and painted
  • Ready wiring harness for fuselage and wings
  • Cockpit kit available in the accessories section


The original:

The Arcus is a two-seat high-performance glider made by Schempp-Hirth Flugzeugbau GmbH with a wingspan of 20 meters and flaps, whose maiden flight took place on April 7, 2009.

The maiden flight of the variant designated as Arcus E with electric propulsion followed on September 18, 2010.

The Arcus is being built as a pure glider, with an auxiliary engine for flying through longer areas without thermals to avoid an outlanding, as a selflaunching version and as a selflaunching version with an electric motor, the latter version in cooperation with Lange Flugzeugbau.

According to the manufacturer, the glide ratio is about 50. The Arcus M received its type certification on June 20, 2013, and Christof Geissler and Christoph Wannenmacher, development engineers at Schempp-Hirth, had already become German champions in Aalen in 2009. Subsequently, the Arcus was able to win further titles, including a development engineer, Andreas Lutz together with Wolfgang Janowitsch, who became two-time European champion (2013/2015) with the Arcus M.

The model:

The model excels for its size with unusually uncritical flight and stall behavior. Typical for its size, the Arcus wants to be launched and flown briskly. However, a powerful hand launch is possible without problems.

Thermal characteristics and maneuverability are exceptionally good for its size. The flight pattern spoils every model flyer's heart. It is a unique model, which looks for its equals in this size, but does not find!

Christian Walliser is the constructor of the model. For the construction of the Arcus some building experience is necessary.

The pack size is only 1.22 m.


  • Glider
  • Electro (FES) with scale spinner and white propeller


  • Standard Kit:
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
  • Full Build Kit (Glider):
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
    • KST Servo Set
    • Battery
    • Zepsus Magnetic Switch
  • Full Build Kit (Electro):
    • All standard parts
    • Wiring harness
    • KST Servo Set
    • Hacker Battery
    • Hacker Motor
    • Hacker Controller
  • Ready To Fly:
    • Complete assembly of the aircraft by us within a few days!
  • Read To Fly Premium:
    • Complete assembly of the aircraft by us within a few days!
    • High quality bag for all parts from Revoc


  • Easy to build..........⭐⭐
  • Easy to set up........⭐⭐
  • Easy to fly...............⭐⭐⭐
  • Speed..................... ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Thermal................. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Agility..................... ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Strength.................⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Technical data:

  • Wingspan: 2.500 mm (98″)
  • Wing area: 26 dm²
  • Center of gravity: 34 mm
  • Flight weight: 1.950 gr (4,2 lbs.)
  • Scale: 1:8
  • Airfoil: HN-1033 mod.


  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Ailerons
  • Flaps

Wings and tailplane:

  • High strength gel-coat carbon wings in sandwich build
  • Clean, high quality processing
  • Painted in the mould


  • High strength gelcoat glass fuselage
  • Clean, high quality processing
  • Painted in the mould
  • Clean Canopy, glued and painted

Accessories included:

  • Glass canopy
  • Glass servo covers Servo support plate (fuselage)
  • High quality clevis made of spring steel ⭐
  • Pre-assembled and encapsulated wiring harness ⭐

Further recommended accessories:

  • Fitting servo set (available here in the shop) ⭐
  • Magnetic switch (available here in the shop) ⭐

Servo recommendation:

  • Elevator: 1x KST X08
  • Rudder: 1x KST X08H
  • Aileron: 2x KST X06H
  • Flaps: 2x KST HS08
  • Note our low-priced servo sets in the accessories area! ⭐

Rudder Setup:

  • Elevator: 6 mm up / down
  • Rudder: 22 mm left / right
  • Aileron: 10 mm up, 5 mm down
  • Flaps: 3 mm down, 3 mm up


  • Aileron: 10mm up
  • Flaps: 20mm down

(All mm data measured at the position of the largest deflection of the rudder)

Information about motorization FES:

  • Motor: Hacker A20-6XL 10-Pole + 4,4:1
  • Controller: Hacker X-40-SB-Pro
  • Battery: Hacker TF Power-X 1800-4S MTAG
  • Propeller: GM 13x8 Scale CFK white Folding Propeller
  • Spinner: GM 40mm Scale CFK white

Information about motorization EDF:

  • Motor: Vasafan 55 TP 2040/10D 2860 Kv
  • Controller: Hacker X-40-SB-Pro
  • Battery: 2x Hacker TF Power-X 1800-3S MTAG

Information about motorization Retractabele Propeller Kit:

Building description:

You can find our current build times for RTF models: <Click Here>

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