TT Echoes

Delivery time: 90 day(s)


The TT-Echoes has been replaced by the TT-Echoes EVO <click here>. We only build the old TT-Echoes on request. However, we can also produce the new TT-Echoes EVO with the old design.

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  • Worldwide door to door delivery
  • Carbon D-Box over the entire span
  • Full carbon wings
  • Large aramid-reinforced fuselage
  • Ready wiring harness for fuselage and wings

With the Echoes from the Thermal Taker series, Composite RC Gliders makes its brilliant debut in the F3J or F5J competition class.

With a wingspan of 4 m and a weight starting at 1400 gr, ambitious competition pilots and thermal sniffers will get their money's worth.

The F3J version is reinforced in the right places (strong wing) to withstand the forces of a high launch.

The F5J variant convinced with its lower weight and thus even better climbing performance in thermals (light wing). Similar to our Aurora, this model also convinces with its shapely visible carbon paired with a filigree and simple design.

Pack size: 1.6m