Interstellar 2500 X

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The answer to the question: Where do you want to fly today?

  • Fully assembled (ARF) or ready to fly (RTF)
  • Significantly improved layup
  • Additionally 2x24k carbon rovings in the leading edge
  • All highly stressed areas additionally reinforced with CFRP
  • Diab Divinycell H35 PVC foam instead of balsa as a support material in the wing
  • Increased durability and service life
  • Finished wiring harness for fuselage and wings
  • Simple protective bags included

With its 2.500 mm wingspan, it is very handy and quickly built up by the few components. Whether in the thermal, in light conditions or in a brute slope wind with up to 6 bft - with the optional ballast everything is possible. The outstanding construction gives the model an exceptionally high speed range.

Its strengths, however, definitely play this model in the toughest conditions on a slope. The kinetic energy of a nosedive is perfectly used to immediately generate full height again.

Due to the uncritical flight behavior - even on landings - we offer you the absolute slope allrounder. No matter if you are beginner, advanced or professional pilot. Here all pilots really get their money's worth!



  • Glider: Narrow fuselage
  • Electro: Electric fuselage with sufficient space for all components. No ballast tube in the fuselage (of course, all other ballasting options remains).


  • Glass/Carbon: Glass with various carbon reinforcements
  • Full Carbon: Carbon fuselage and wings. Very solid. (front fuselage partly with glass for better signal reception)


  • Standard Kit: All standard parts incl. wiring harness
  • Full Build Kit (Glider): Standard kit + servo set, battery and magnetic switch
  • Full Build Kit (Electro): Standard kit + servo set, spinner, propeller, motor, if necessary, a gearbox, controller and motor-battery (instead of a small receiver battery)
  • Read To Fly: Full Build Kit + complete assembly of the aircraft by us within a few days!


  • Easy to build..........⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Easy to set up........⭐⭐⭐
  • Easy to fly..............⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Speed.................... ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Thermal................. ⭐⭐⭐
  • Agility..................... ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Technical data:

  • Wingspan: 2.482 mm
  • Wing area: 44 dm²
  • Wing Aspect Ratio: 14,1
  • Airfoil thickness: 8 %
  • Center of gravity: 94 mm
  • Flight weight: 1850 gr.
  • Wing loading: 42 gr/dm²
  • Airfoil: JH 8-07-08
  • Fuselage ballast: Ø17mm x 33mm (10x)
  • Ballasting steel joiner instead of carbon joiner: (not included in our delivery): 898 gr.


  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Ailerons
  • Flaps

Wings and tailplane:

  • High strength gel-coat glass/carbon wings in shell design
  • Clean, high quality processing
  • Various carbon inlays at high stressed points
  • Painted in the mould
  • Top side white
  • Bottom side green
  • All part joiner made from carbon ⭐
  • All part joiner pre-finished and ready for assembly ⭐
  • All tailplane joiner pre-finished and ready for assembly ⭐
  • Sealing lips on all rudders ⭐


  • High strength gelcoat glass/carbon fuselage
  • Clean, high quality processing
  • Multiple non-stop carbon inserts ⭐
  • Various carbon inlays at high stressed points ⭐
  • Painted in the mould
  • Green canopy

Accessories included:

  • Glass canopy with glued carbon fastening spring ⭐
  • Glass ballast tube ⭐
  • Glass servo covers Servo support plate (fuselage)
  • 4x servo frames (wings)
  • Carbon wing joiner
  • Glass control horns ⭐
  • High quality clevis made of spring steel ⭐
  • Small parts set Standard protective bags with velcro closure for wings, tail unit and fuselage ⭐
  • Pre-assembled and encapsulated wiring harness ⭐

Further recommended accessories:

  • Fitting servo set (available here in the shop) ⭐
  • Li-Ion 7.4V 3350 mAh (available here in the shop) ⭐
  • Magnetic switch (available here in the shop) ⭐
  • Foils sticker sheet incl. transfer foil and felt squeegee (available here in the shop) ⭐

Servo recommendation:

  • Tail: 2x KST X12
  • Aileron: 2x KST X10
  • Flaps: 2x KST X10
  • Note our low-priced servo sets in the accessories area! ⭐

Rudder setup:

  • Elevator: 12 mm up/down
  • Rudder: 15 mm left/right
  • Aileron: 11 mm up, 5 mm down
  • Flaps: 70 degrees
  • Snap-Flap: 3 mm landing flap, aileron fitting
  • Crow: landing flap 70 degrees down, aileron 8 mm up, elevator 8 mm down
  • Speed: flaps 1 mm high, ailerons matching

(All mm data measured at the position of the largest deflection of the rudder)

Ballasting recommendation:

  • Wind > 10 km/h: 460 [gr.]
  • Wind > 13 km/h: 610 [gr.]
  • Wind > 16 km/h: 770 [gr.]
  • Wind > 20 km/h: 920 [gr.]
  • Wind > 23 km/h: 1070 [gr.]
  • Wind > 25 km/h: 1230 [gr.]
  • Wind > 28 km/h: 1380 [gr.]
  • Wind > 31 km/h: 1540 [gr.]

Information about motorization:

  • Motor mount 38 mm
  • Spinner: 38 mm
  • Motor: A20-6XL 10 pole + 4.4:1
  • Controller: Hacker X-40-SB-Pro
  • Battery: Hacker LiPo 3S - 2400 mAh
  • Propeller: 16 x 8 ACC

Assembly Instructions: